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About Us

Who we are

Overt Legal is a cohesive legal advisory and consulting firm focusing on helping private clients and businesses.

We are team of forward-thinking legal and business consultants with extensive experience in specialised areas of law.

As a legal consultancy firm, our vision is inspired by our deep passion for providing cutting edge flexible on-demand legal services.

We combine innovation and legal excellence drawn from our successful track records to deliver outstanding services.  As such, we are your natural choice for a broad range of legal advisory and consulting services.


Our Goal

Our goal is simple and transparent: we are committed to developing a brilliant team who are passionate about our profession.

We also prioritise our clients’ interests and fight tirelessly to achieve a well-deserved outcome without undermining economic realities.

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Frequently Asked

Hello. How can we help?

What legal work can you help me with?

We offer legal advisory and support services in the following specialised areas of law: commercial law, family law, alternative dispute resolution, property matters, civil litigation, legal document drafting and case evaluation. For more details, please visit Our Service page or send an email to or call 07733382888

How do I instruct you?

Please send your instructions to or call 07733382888

Do you offer virtual services?

Yes, we can offer our services over the phone or via video conferencing such as Zoom and Google Meet, so you can reach us wherever you are and on a platform that works for you.

Please send your instructions to or call +44(0)7733382888

Are you Solicitors or Barristers?

We are team of qualified lawyers practising as specialist legal and business consultants. As such, we are not acting as solicitors or barrister. 

How will I be billed?

It all depends on individual cases. We will however charge a fee that is fair and reasonable which can either be a fixed fee or hourly rate.

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